If They Had a Friend Like Ben

Lost c

Mr Moriarty, I Presume

Lost returned for UK viewers last Sunday (to Sky One and HD) for the slightly delayed, post-Writer’s Strike second half of season four.  Life for Lost fans had certainly picked up after the much improved fourth series had began with a series of great episodes that were up with the best that the show had produced and that, in a very real sense, contained honest to goodness answers to some of those infamous and infuriating puzzles.  The questions that linger though are: (i) how is the programme going to cope for the final 5/6 hours of the season, (ii) will it feel rushed or hastily written, and (iii) will sacrifices have been made in the name of expediency. Juding by “The Shape of Things to Come” there is no great reason to worry.

Anyone using Sky Anytime, will have had the mid-season break pleasingly interrupted by the thirteen Lost:Missing Pieces being downloaded for general consumption.  They tended to be a little hit or miss but were no real substitute for a proper, 45-minute installment like this one.  It also happened to be a Ben-centred episode, which is never a bad thing.  So, plenty of highlights like the return of the smoke monster, the assassination of Alex, the is-he-dead-or-isn’t-he bodyon the beach, the end of the Barracks encampment and a nice flash forward featuring Ben’s recruitment of Sayid.  The best bit of all though, was the first meeting that we have seen between Widmore and Ben.  I loved the way Charles called Ben “boy” and what the heck are these “rules” that they keep talking about?

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