Miss You Already

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Welcome to the World, Neil-lar 

Like The Office before it, the first series sneaked onto the schedules with no so much a fanfare as a whisper; word of mouth and critical recommendation followed and the soon-to-be cult viewership began to fall in love with this cast of wierd and wonderful characters; series two aired and the plaudits and awards have been thrust upon it along with hundred of thousands of extra viewers; and now a Christmas Special has been comissioned and you can be sure it will be BBC Three’s biggest hit of the festive season (unless, of course, one of the channel’s big brothers snaffles it up first).  However, a big question needs to be asked over its future.

The second series of double BAFTA award winning Gavin and Stacey came to a fitting conclusion on Sunday night and I miss it already (!) but I am torn between (i) a loving desire to meet up with all these characters again, and (ii) a sincere hope that it doesn’t start to believe its own hype and sink into some kind of mediocrity as we plough through a third and fourth series of “cashing in”.  We seen it all before and it could go either way…  the Ricky Gervais leviathons (the aforementioned Office and Extras) both knew when to quit in that Fawlty Towers stylee of only making a handful of episodes but a hundred other sitcoms haven’t been so brave and dignified and we have watched as they have spiralled down as the year’s pass.  My Family, anyone?

G&S b

Fear not, dear reader, there is a third way.  And I love a third way when I can find one, oh yes.  (iii) Gavin and Smithy could become the new Del and Rodney.  The pair of them are lovable rough diamonds whose appeal works with a huge demographic and there’s a cast of genuine characters (dozens of them, in fact) around these two central figures that could challenge the like of Grandad, Albert, Boycie, Trigger, et al, for sheer exuberence and quirkiness.  Who wouldn’t want to see more of Nessa, or Bryn, or Dawn and Pete, or Mick and Pam, or Smithy’s sister Smithy?  And who could say no to spending more time with the wonderfully monikered Big Fat Sue, Fat-No-More Pat, Dave Coaches, Fingers, Budgie, Dirtbox, Chinese Alan… and Doris?

So, if Ruth Jones and James Corden are reading this blog (and I know you are… who doesn’t Google their own name? haha) treat this show as carefully and lovingly as Nessa and Smithy are going to treat young Neil and it could be up there with the all-time greats of Britcoms past and present.

  1. There must be more Gavin & Stacey. There must, or the world will be forever desolate and bleak! There’s obviously plenty of mileage, unlike with The Office which had a well planned story arc, so I don’t think a third series would be cashing in.

    However, I want to see more Gavin & Stacey, since I felt that Smithy and Ness were a bit over-exposed this season to the detriment of the central characters (particularly Stacey who we need much, much more of, of course). More Bryn too, please.

    Anyway, your idea of a Gavlar and Smithy double act appears to have already been commissioned by BBC3 as Horne and Corden, by the looks of it.

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