Fourth Time's A Charm

DT and CT with JR

Jump Aboard the Marketing Machine

The launch of series four of the revitalised Doctor Who is beating a well-trodden path.  All the production team have been playing their cards close to their collective chests for months since production began with occasional casting scoops and episode titles being revealed through the usual sources.  A teaser at the end of the Christmas special gave us a glimpse of the treats to come and that was about all the 13.3 million of us saw before “T-minus 14 days” signalled the start of the hype.

There are teasers, trailers and press launches, followed by news features, radio interviews and TV spots all around the BBC and beyond.  The good news is that the wait is almost over.  In three hours time we will find out whether the Adipose are quite as silly as they appear and the thirteen rollercoaster weeks of series four will begin to unfold.

It’s not all sweetness and light though.  The claws start to come out among the “ming mongs” on the Doctor Who Forums as love and fondness turns into overflowing emotions and slightly scary obsessiveness.  The show is on 40 minutes earlier than expected, cue chaos and letters to the BBC.  Through all this we have the mad, mad world of the Marmite-like Torchwood, yo-yo’ing its way along the second series and providing welcome respite from the interminable wait for the main show.  Welcome to the world of Doctor Who fandom.

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