See No Weevil, Hear No Weevil

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Meet The Gang Cos The Girls Are Here

We’re 8 episodes into the new Torchwood series, at least, we are if you watch on BBC3/HD rather than the BBC2 version and I’ve written approximately… no reviews. Sorry. However, while everyone waits for my in-depth thoughts, what are my feelings on the story so far (I know you’re dying to know)?

  • All in all, better than Series 1
  • Unsure why Martha came on board for three eps, only to play a bit part in two-and-a-half Owen-focussed stories
  • Weevils are still a bit rubbish
  • Doctor Who’s silliness doesn’t quite fit in to what tries to be a tough, gritty sci-fi
  • Internal (in)consistency really should be largely eliminated by now but isn’t
  • Is it strange that “Adam” has been the best story, when during it, most of the cast were out of character
  • “Killing” Owen may be a stroke of genius
  • It’s hard to find anywhere ( included) where Torchwood is appraised in total isolation from its parent show

Anyone else have some bullet point comments?

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