Strike Out

Lost 4 d

Four new people on the Island… Five new episodes

The strike is over and all the US networks have all announced plans for how they intend to have the curtailed series of their favourite shows produced.  ABC were one of the last to get their proclaimations ready but they delivered the goods as series four of Lost seems to be getting another five doses of island shenanigans, making a respectable 13-episode season and means that only 3 have been, erm, lost.  Over at The Watcher (a great blog I only recently discovered) you can track what’s happening to your other favourite shows, so it’s well worth a click.

One of the few programmes that has been put back to 2009 in its entirety is 24.  It’s ironic because it is a programme that I think would really benefit from being condensed into 13 episodes to make it snappier and less padded but that kinda goes against the basic premise of the whole thing.  I got somewhat disheartened during series six, so may be the hiatus will allow for a little re-focussing and a much-needed freshen up of the format.

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