Questions That Have Been Bugging Me

  • Does Primeval have a future?  Well, yes clearly it does as the widely reported renewal for a third series shows but is it a future with me watching it?  It’s kind of fun, looks quite good and Paul Cornell’s episode on Saturday showed that it’s capable of good things but there’s something in there that bugs me.  Interesting that there is a viewer’s competition to design a monster for next series… will they get another Absorbaloff?
  • Why has it all gone wrong for Rafa Benitez at Liverpool since he grew his beard?  Popular opinion seems to be that The Reds’ match against Inter Milan this evening will determine the Spaniard’s future on Merseyside.  I just think he needs a shave.
  • Torchwood decided to turn a corner at the mid-point of its season after opening with four reasonable episodes that entertained without ever living up to the quality of its parent show.  However, “Adam” and “Reset” proved that it really does have the potential to be a great show.  Will its good form continue or will it sink back in to mediocrity?  The ever entertaining Behind The Sofa collabrative blog will give you the low-down and you may get a review or two from me.
  • Does anyone else think that the man on the boat will be Michael? Just enter “lost man on the boat” into Google and find that the answer is “yes”.   Considering that it was trailed as providing answers Lost seems to be doing it’s usual trick of asking even more questions.  Still a great show though (and the Lost Initiative is fast becomming the essential companion piece.
  • Sky HD….. what a great PVR.  Even the thought of paying through the nose into Murdoch’s millions doesn’t make it anything less than a stunning experience.
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