A New Kind of Post

You know what?  It can be a real time consuming process when running this site to take the screencaps (in my lo-tech stylee) by taking a snap on my picture phone, saving it to memory, loading it onto my PC, filing it, uploading it to Flickr and then adding it into a WordPress post for publication on this site.  I’m sure that there are quicker ways of doing it that a few hours on Google could help me locate and there are cretainly one or two that I’ve tried with varying degrees of success but it still seems like a lot of hard work.   So, following my latest (work induced) period of failing to add any new stuff to Fazzinchi.co.uk and while I have been fretting about the lack of promised reviews, I had a brainwave.  Don’t bother with the pics at all!

I can keep conversations and commentary running without screencaps by making quick posts like this one and lumping them in a new category, I’m calling “Ramblings”.  It’ll make the site look a little less interesting but  if I save the screencaps for when I’m writing up larger reviews, I may be able to keep things ticking over in a much more satisfying manner, let’s see shall we?

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