Lost Returns

Lost Returns… and so do I

Well, it’s a been a while since I’ve been here blogging and I lay the blame solely at the door of my employer: extra hours and a stressfull project are not conducive to my leisurely tapping away at a keyboard of a evening.  Also, the thought of having a job that involves tapping away at a keyboard (albeit in an un-leisurely manner) all day, only to come home and spend my “free” time doing exactly the same thing would seem a little masochistic.  However, the intervening period since the last post has seen a dramatic improvement in my television experience.  A much welcomed windfall has meant that I have been able to upgrade my home entertainment system with a new screen, amp/receiver, speakers, Blu Ray player and Sky HD box.  Apart from the frankly beautiful picture and sound that now eminates from our living room, the Other Viewer and I discovered another unexpected benefit.  The lovely people at Sky (not a phrase that you hear every day!) kindly sent through the ad-free, high-def, series premiere of Lost series four, “The Begining of the End”, a full day-and-a-bit before the 9pm debut on Sky One tonight.  Not only that but also an 8 minute 15 second summation of the first three series was sent to us that served as a humourous aide memoire before the main show.

The action picked up directly from where the story had ended (in “Through The Looking Glass”) at both the radio mast and the beach with all the usual comings and goings as the island residents split up and rejoin each other with reguar abandon.  The story both on the island and in the new flash-forwards are both centred around Hurley whose struggles to overcome Charlie’s death haunt both elements of the episode.  Lots more hints and snippets of information are sprinkled around but nothing that particularly struck me as one of the much-vaunted “answers”.  Although, there was another tantalising glimpse of Jacob in his rocking chair was included (the pause button will never be more useful), suggesting that his cabin may play more of a role in the weeks to come.  The writer’s strike has meant that the series will be limited to a meagre seven more episodes but the widely reported factoid that the end is now clearly known and planned for, means that the answers we’ve all been waiting for will be uncovered over the next 47 episodes…. whenever they may actually be made.

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