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Christmas Review #9 of 12

Nothing says Christmas quite like the traumatic aftermath of the Cylon holocaust.  Okay, so it’s not exactly a festive special but “Battlestar Galactica: Razor” debuted in the UK on Sky in December and therefore it makes the list on Fazzinchi’s Christmas dozen.  It served to give us a taster for the forthcoming final season of this most excellent series although it acted as a standalone story.  “Razor” told the tale of Kendra Shaw who was the self-styled living legacy of Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes) who led the Battlestar Pegasus in its fight against the Cylons.  As Lee Adama promoted Kendra to a senior position after he had taken over command of Pegasus, they embarked upon a dangerous mission that almost arbitarily featured a welcome return of the original series Cylons.  At the same time we had two flashback stories running along.  One told of Cain’s leadership “techniques” during her time on the Galactica’s sistership after the Cylon attack and, amongst other brutal moments included some eye-opening motivation for her treatment of “their” Number Six prisoner.  The other told of Admiral Adama’s discovery, much earlier in his life, of Cylon’s experimentation on humans during the first Cylon war.

I still don’t recommend that anyone tries to jump aboard Galactica a mid-point… if you haven’t been watching from the beginning, go back and start there, otherwise you’ll miss out on so many nuances and plot points. Even then, if you’ve watched right from the start, you’ll still have to pay attention.  “Razor” represents two of the final series’ 22 episodes and the only criticism I can find is its unremitting bleakness, I just hope that there is a little lightness (only a teeny-tiny bit) to compensate. Elsewhere, the multiple story threads inter-twined cleverly and the traditional Galactica elements of betrayal, consequences and the terrors of war added depth to the increasingly interesting characterisations.  Truly groundbreaking stuff.

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