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Big Fat Quiz

Christmas Review #8 of 12

Another one of those “traditions” that has only been with us for a few years now is the Big Fat Quiz of the Year.  Channel4 ‘s roll of the dice in the overly used “comedy quiz” genre, while being yet another part of Jimmy Carr’s ambition to take over the whole of light entertainment.  Divided into six sections each accounting for two months of the preceeding year, Mr Carr sets the questions to three teams of two personalities.  The object of the exercise is to answer as many questions as you can correctly while trying to make fun of the subject matter or, failing that, making fun of the opposing team-mates or, failing that, making fun of the host.  Of course, if you’re on Noel Fielding and Russell Brand’s team the object is just to be a little wierd and any correct answers are only of secondary importance.

Other teams this year included the marvellous pairing of David Mitchell and Rob Brydon who could not contrast more with Noel and Russell if they really, really tried and the slightly in the middle, both literally and figuratively, Jonathan Ross and Lilly Allen.  While the more regular offerings of “QI”, “Have I Got News For You”, “Mock The Week”, “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” all operate on a similar level over their six week series, having a one-off installment like The Big Fat Quiz should necessitate, in my always humble opinion, something a little different but dissappointingly it fails to deliver.  It’s not that it wasn’t funny, or that you couldn’t join in the fun at home, it was just a bit too same-y to warrant this oft repeated 90-minute marathon.  The best parts are when the school children act out a little sketch that hint at the news story that can strangely surreal and also there was also a slightly awkward moment when the have-a-go hero from the Glasgow Airport bombing was brought in to ask a question and the comedy became somewhat stilted but these little slices of originality were a little too scarce.

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