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Christmas Review #5 of 12

“From the makers of Friends” is the kind of tagline for a new sitcom that is all but guaranteed to add a pretty big slice to the viewing figures. Fortunately, for fans of Friends, this new ensemble comedy, The Class, ticks all the right boxes and gives us a welcome break from the constant loop of Friends repeats that appears to be cycling through ad infinitum on E4 a thousand times a day. The comedy here is driven by a the fact that the main players all used to go to school together and were brought back into each others lives following a reunion party in episode one. From there, acquaintences are renewed, friendships formed and relationships started (or ended), thus creating a a pretty broad church and plenty of scope for laughs.  There is a degree of maturity in the writing, that would seem to stem from the fact that the team have built upon the lessons learnt from the demise, in terms of standards, of Friends in its later series and its direct successor, Joey.  The characters here are interesting and quirky while (most of the time) staying on the right side of believable and the situations that drive the comedy seamlessly flit between the trvial and more serious “life issues”.

A quick Google though, turns up the seemingly inevitable conclusion… it’s been shelved.  I believe that there is room available in our hearts (and in schedules) for a good, ensemble sitcom in this post Frasier and Friends era but American writers must really wonder what they have to do to be involved in such a successfull show.  Perhaps, they should come to this side of the Pond and write some comedies for us.  I’m sure we can sort out their problems with royalties and they’ll be safe in the knowledge that in good old Blighty we get shows like “Last of the Summer Wine” (a programme with no redeemable qualities whatsoever) that have now run to their 29th series and even funny-for-five-minutes “My Family” has now got seven years under its belt.  So what do you, my loyal reader(s), think of the state of Britcoms?

  1. I loved The Class when it was on. I wrote about it a reasonable amount and was sorry when it got dropped.

    As for Britcoms, I wouldn’t touch the majority with a barge pole, although I am partial to The IT Crowd and kind of liked the first couple of series of Two Pints.

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