Another One Bites The Dust

Spooks a

Time to Say Goodbye

While the writers have been on strike over in the USA and the people who make 24, Prison Break and shows of a similar ilk have had their iMacs switched off, I wonder whether any of them will have taken the opportunity to look at the UK’s attempt at a 24-esque, season long, story arc. Admittedly the latest series of Spooks is only ten episodes long but the writers have tried to do something a little different in season six by linking all the stories together and, in my humble opinion, they’ve made it one of the best. The rather disappointing series six of 24 felt like a rehash over old ground for the umpteenth time (although the 7th season teaser trailer looked pretty impressive) and the whole concept felt, for the first time, somewhat stale. However, Spooks’ effort at the format, while a touch more disjointed than I had been hoping for, has been sparkling.

The penultimate installment (expertly summarized over on TV Scoop) was a another cracker with Adam not doing well at getting over the loss of Ros and seemingly about to go the way of Tom Quinn, by leaving the service before he gets interrupted by a surprising Irish connection in the tangled web of US/Iranian/British political shennanigans. (While on the subject of Spooks-gone-by have a look at the personnel page to remind yourself of just how many great characters have been and gone in MI5).  I seem to have spent the whole series on the edge of my seat (in a very similar way that we saw in The State Within) from the initial deadly virus storyline, through to the nuclear triggers and beyond.  I hope that we finally get to find out what happened to Zaf tomorrow night as ever since his alledged off-screen death, I’ve suspected he’s going to turn up alive.

As a BBC3 viewer I’ve had to wait two weeks for this finale… I’ll post a quick review in the comments once I’ve watched it.  Let me know what you think?

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