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Are Things Looking Up for Journeyman?

Journeyman is a new sci-fi (ish) import that has been snapped up by Sky. (As an early tangent from this post, I also noticed an advert for the Bionic Woman showed up on ITV2, which is an odd choice. Surely ITV1 would be more appropriate?). Anyway, Journeyman, for all intents and purposes is a modern remake of Quantum Leap, a similarity that one cannot fail to point out when writing a review.   Both feature a man that goes back in time to right wrongs that are happening to people close by.  There are things I like about this show:

  • The depiction of how Dan’s job and relationships are affected by his “leaping”.
  • How his ex-girlfriend mysteriously appears to be doing a similar “leaping” thing.
  • I really like Kevin McKidd

However, there are things I dislike:

  • It’s TV-by-numbers without a really, really compelling reason to watch.
  • It seems to be a one-trick pony.
  • It’s already filling up my Sky Planner with three unwatched eipsodes and I don’t know whether I should to delete it to make room for all the Christmas goodies over the coming weeks.

So, I need to take a vote.  If you’ve read this far, please reply with a comment to say “Delete” or “Watch” and I’ll do your bidding.  If you have a view on Journeyman, feel free to espouse your stance.

    • Alex
    • December 22nd, 2007

    Watch – its good, whilst perhaps not the most creative show on TV, certainly the best thing thats around while the strike is on. Not to mention, it does pick up after the slowish start. And the writing gets better too. Enjoy it!

    • Martin
    • December 10th, 2007

    Delete – it was a short journey for me – watched the first episode but that was it

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