RIP Verity Lambert

Doctor Who Pioneer Passes

Today, is the 44th anniversary of Doctor Who’s debut on TV screens.  How sad then for news to break this afternoon of the passing of the show’s very first producer.  Verity Lambert OBE was a ground-breaking television pioneer.  Others will write better obituaries than I can and her achievements will be remebered by many.  Regular readers will know that this site has leaning towards all things Who, so I could not let this pass without mention.  Indeed, she was even cunningly name-checked in the last series during the episode, Human Nature. From the BBC Press Release, Russell T Davies has said:

“There are a hundred people in Cardiff working on Doctor Who and millions of viewers, in particular many children, who love the programme that Verity helped create.  This is her legacy and we will never forget that.”

Also, Jane Tranter said:

During her long and brilliant career there was no form of drama that was beyond her reach and that she didn’t excel at. From the early episodes of Doctor Who to the still to be transmitted comedy drama Love Soup, via Widows, Minder, gbh, Eldorado and Jonathan Creek (to name but the tiniest handful of credits) – Verity was a phenomon.  She made the television drama genre utterly her own. She was deaf to the notion of compromise and there wasn’t an actor, writer, director or television executive she worked with who didn’t regard her with admiration, respect and awe.  “She will be hugely missed but her legacy lives on in the dramas she made, and in the generations of eager young programme-makers she has inspired.

Enough said.

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