Five to Ten

What Are You Doing Here?

If Steven Moffat had sat down with me over a coffee to talk about what Doctor Who meant to me, so that he could go off and write a special, five-miute scene, he could not have written a piece that resonated with me any more than “Time Crash“.  You see, Peter Davison was “my” Doctor as well.   Although I had watched  the show for most of Tom Baker’s tenure, I probably didn’t begin my fannish ways until PD and his crickety-cricket garb burst onto the scene in 1981.

Moffat’s script bounded along at a pace that we have come to expect in this golden age of Who, and was perfectly coupled with Graeme Harper’s snappy direction.  We had some nice nods to the new mythology with LInDA even getting a mention as well as my favourite piece of new series’ anti-technobabble “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey” (from Moffat’s previous episode, Blink).  However, this was, of course, all about the old days.  It was the current cast and crew paying homage to its predecessor and giving a knowing wink to the fans (who themselves got a mention), and it was the perfect vehicle in which to do so.  The scene sits perfectly within the much debated canon, indeed it sits seamlessly within the final scene of Last of The Time Lords and is self-reverential without ever becomming syrupy.

So, what did you think?  You’d have to have a heart of stone or take life far too seriously to be a fan and not enjoy it.

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