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Children in Need

… And All That Jazz

Children in Need is one those staples of the British TV schedules that you either love (and consequently find yourself spending your Friday night curled up in front of the telly with a bottle or two of something white), or you hate (and see it as a huge incovenience when there’s nothing worth watching if you stay in and you can’t go out for fear of people pestering you for your loose change). I have to confess that I fall more into the former category than the latter and that is despite the fact that the whole event seems to be held together by some intrinsicly chaotic production values, three drunk camera operators and some string. For appropriate illustrations of which you can see this evening’s repeated microphone failures and those twin scourges of live television directors, the satellite link up (this year with the Spice Women) and the “mis-timed cuts” between the various presenters and the regional segments. Yet you cannot help but love it as a marvellously old-fashioned, British variety show. And of course as a massive fund-raiser that I’m sure acts as many people’s solitary charitable contribution of the year.

I have rose-tinted memories of CiN nights gone-by from my childhood, when I was allowed to stay up late and watch Sir Terry get progressively more tipsy as the evening’s entertainment stumbled by. Of course, ever since Angela Rippon showed her legs on the Morecambe and Wise Show, the newsreaders have had to have their little skit during these telethons and this year was no different as Fiona Bruce led the way performing All That Jazz. My 16-year-old self would have been suitably stirred by that particular sight… my 36-year-old self was also appreciative. Of course, as a Doctor Who fan, Children in Need has a special place of affection for me that both my 16 and 36 year old selves would appreciate. Not only does DW’s anniversary coincide with the late November scheduling but a number of special TV events have littered its past. The Five Doctors, Dimensions in Time, and the 2005 post regeneration debut of David Tennant are all former CiN events, and to that list we can now add Time Crash (more on which later) – a gleaming beacon among some second-rate contributions from Hotel Babylon, Eastenders and most dissappointingly Hotel Babylon.

For now, here’s my highlight list of the 2007 telethon…..

  1. Doctor Who “Time Crash
  2. All That Jazz
  3. Fearne Cotton (‘cos she’s lovely)
  4. Lucy Griffiths (‘cos she’s lovely too)
  5. erm…….

Anyway, give generously by calling 08457 332233 or clicking here online.

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