Did You Miss Me?

Things have changed here on Walton’s Mountain.  A self-enforced exile while I recharged my creative batteries, which is just a euphamism for “being too busy with other stuff”, turned into a bit of a blogging nightmare.  Having reached my wit’s end with Yahoo! Webhosting, the plan was to stop blogging for a while, then make a move to another web host and finally have a bit of a refresh and spring clean around Fazzinchi.co.uk.  However, once I’d finished not-blogging, my intial thought of “How hard can it be?” was answered with “Very!” if, like me, you jump in with both feet and only a cursory knowledge of what to do when switching hosts.

Eventually, after the aforementioned “other stuff” had ceased getting in the way and a lot of Googling later, I had managed to increase my knowledge level to ‘limited’, which was enough for me to confidently back things up (a process that “Y!” make unfeasably obtuse) and have a go… but things did not go well.  However, after (i) lots of help and support from Bluehost, who are my lovely new webhosts, (ii) and more importantly, help from my brother, and (iii) a number of Pram-Empty-Toys-Everywhere moments along the way, I am pleased to report that the transfer worked.

So-much-so, I have now been able to upgrade WP to 2.3.1 from 2.0.2 (a process that “Y!” made unfeasably complicated). I have also been able to change my theme (I’ll be trying many themes over the coming days, so feedback appreciated) and play with some new settings and plugins.  But, most importantly of all, with this very post that you are reading, I have been able to start blogging again.  I have some new features and challenges on the horizon and hopefully they’ll be interesting enough to drive up the readership a little and we may find that the site broadens its content from simply TV reviews.  More news soon, but for now it’s just nice to be back.

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