T.V. Week In Review: Week 37, 2007

Coming Down b

Tommy Jessop and Nicholas Hoult

Sunday nights are a strange time for watching television.  The early evening is a regular haunt of shows like Antiques Roadshow, Last of The Summer Wine, Heartbeat and, wierdly, an increasing number of sociological doumentaries: The Robert Winston Hour.  It is a television schedule designed for elderly aunts but for the rest of us it feels like a lull before the oncoming storm of the working week.  A kind of soporfic inducement to encourage us to bed early.  Later in the evening, if you can keep your eyes open, there are the occasional little tidbits of class thrown in.  Waking The Dead, Prime Suspect, Cracker et al found a home in the final vestiges of the weekend that were all worth staying up for to give Sunday nights some much needed punch.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a trailer for a one-off drama from the pen of Mark Haddon, making his television debut following the succes of a couple of best-seller novels (unread by me, I should point out).  Coming Down The Mountain is not the kind of show I would normally go out of my way to watch but I decided to bung it on the Sky+ and save it for a rainy day.  Jolly glad I did as well because it proved to be a hugely rewarding tale of young Londoner, his weary parents and his Down’s Syndrome brother.  The voiceover narrative, including the great opening line “I’ve decided to kill my brother” were clearly the work of someone more used to the written word but that didn’t detract from the story of growing pains and reconcilliation.  Show Of The Week by a distance.  More of these one-off dramas could be the saviour of Sunday nights as they provide a great vehicle for new talent and a secure and comfy audience.  I now have The Dinner Party from last weekend begging to entertain me when I get around to it.

  • Sun 16th Sep: Twenty20 World Cup …and lots of it (England slump to defeat); Coming Down The Mountain; Not Going Out “Episode 2×02”; Hell’s Kitchen semi-final
  • Sat 15th Sep: movie “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” (3/10); The Most Annoying TV We Love To Hate
  • Fri 14th Sep: Studio 60 OTSS “Nevada Day, Part 2”; After You’re Gone; My Name Is Earl “Kept A Guy Locked in a Truck”
  • Thu 13th Sep: No TV
  • Wed 12th Sep: Football England v Russia (another 3-0 win!)
  • Tue 11th Sep: X-Files “Squeeze”
  • Mon 10th Sep: My Name Is Earl “Our Cops Is On”; Doctor Who “The Lazarus Experiment”
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