T.V. Week In Review: Week 35 2007

House a

House At Home

Another week over and a pretty quiet week it was too. Managed to finally get to the end of the third series of House, which ended with a cracking few episodes: Hugh Laurie on top form as his team dissappear from around him. Mainly the week was notable for the three ODI international, previously mentioned, that I watched (well, two matches and highlights show). Most disappointing was the dramatic downturn in the quality of the IT Crowd, the first episode of the second series last week was pretty good as Jen, Moss and Roy ended up at a gay musical. However, the second installment, a huge letdown, that was set around the funeral of Denholm where it all became some kind of cliched mess. Highlight of the week though was Outnumbered. I managed to miss a whole bunch of episodes due to the frankly bizarre scheduling but there was a surprising glimmer of promise in this middle-class sitcom that may have been due to the cleverness of the writing team that brought us Drop The Dead Donkey, or may be thanks to the somewhat improvised nature of the script. I hope it’s given another chance, along with the Fazzinchi show of the week award. (The observant among you will notice that I have not got a screencap of the winning show… you can blame the scheduling for that too)

  • Sun 2nd Sep: Cricket 5th ODI End v Ind (Big win for India); movie Inside Man
  • Sat 1st Sep: No TV
  • Fri 31st Aug: Studio 60 OTSS “The Wrap Party”; The IT Crowd “Episode 2”
  • Thu 30th Aug: Cricket 4th ODI Eng v Ind (Great game and England win with a run chase); Outnumbered “Episode 2”; Mock The Week
  • Wed 29th Aug: No TV
  • Tue 28th Aug: Deal Or No Deal
  • Mon 27th Aug: Cricket 3rd ODI Eng v India (nice win for England!), Friends “The One Where Underdog Gets Away” and “The One With The Monkey”, House “Human Error”
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