T.V. Week In review: Week 34, 2007

B5 a

274 Years To Go

Week 34 presented me with an opportunity to watch a new installment of an old favourite of mine as I dusted off the copy of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales that I had brought back with me from my recent (and much mentioned) holiday to the States. My expectations were low (a straight to DVD movie, years after the original series had finished, did not bode well) but, you’ll be pleased to hear, expectations were exceeded… but only just. A full review will follow soon. The rest of the week had a certain sporty feel to it with my viewing schedule being replete with a couple of one-day cricket encounters between England and the touring Indian side, along with a couple of football matches too. Unfortunately, only one of these four ended in a positive result (from my perspective, at any rate). The Other Viewer, not being a sports fan of any note, was demonstrating great patience: even to the extent of sitting through England’s (ultimately unsuccessful) run chase on Friday night’s game. Elsewhere, I also caught a couple of episodes of Friends on E4… well, they’re hard to miss really! However, they’ve now gone back to series one again and it’s fun to see how it all started (and actually how much better it was back then). Show of the Week award has to go to Babylon 5, not because it was the best thing that I watched (that was probably House) but because it may well be the only chance I ever get to give the award this fantastic series.

  • Sun 26th Aug: House “The Jerk”; Football ManU 1 v 0 Spurs (2nd half only); My Name Is Earl “South of The Border – part 1”
  • Sat 25th Aug: House “Resignation”; Studio 60 OTSS “The Long Lead Story”
  • Fri 24th Aug: Cricket 2nd ODI Eng v India (India comeback)
  • Thu 23rd Aug: Friends “The Pilot” and “The One With The Sonogram at the End” , Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (DVD)
  • Wed 22nd Aug: Football friendly: England 1 v 2 Germany
  • Tue 21st Aug: Cricket 1st ODI Eng v Ind (easy win!); House “Family”
  • Mon 20th Aug: True Dare Kiss “Episode 6”; Megastructures “America’s Biggest Dig”
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