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If ever there was ever a case study of “Dysfunctional familes as portrayed in television drama”, you would have to watch an awful lot of television drama before discovering a cast of characters that were more dysfunctional than those portrayed in True Dare Kiss. This six-part, BBC drama was reasonably watchable throughout… well, I didn’t give up after one episode at any rate and, instead, saw it through to its somewhat disappointing conclusion. The puzzling thing was that I was actually interested in seeing how the various twists would play out, without knowing why I cared because most of the characters were all frighteningly naive and/or rather unpleasant.

The cast were really well put together with a tangible on-screen chemistry and, although it is unfair to pick out certain performances over others, I am not constrained by concepts of fairness here at Fazzinchi Towers.  So, take a bow Pooky Quesnel who gave a multi-layered and complex performance as Nita and Esther Hall, almost better known for her BT ads with Kris Marshall, who came to the fore as possibly the strongest of all five siblings (by the way, she was almost unrecognisable from her role in Waking The Dead, which is testament to how she clearly acted her socks off here).

I entered into some discussion over at The Stage’s TV Today blog about whether British drama is a bit lame at the moment but while True Dare Kiss was a bit dark and gloomy, it certainly rates as something a little original in the wilderness.

As said by me at TV Today….

“Someone compared finding something great on TV to pearl diving…. you have to wade through a lot of slime and oyster innards before you find a real gem. However, there are a few home grown gems out there, such as those you mention (life on Mars, Mobile, Cape Wrath, etc).

I guess with limited slots available for “serious drama” the execs are trying to find some assurances of ratings success, so we find ourselves with unoriginal, formulaic material. However, I have great hopes for channels like BBC3 who can be a bit more experimental if they try without having to bring in massive viewing figures.

It’s more the limited slots for drama that are a concern. Once you’ve made room for soaps, reality TV, cheap documentaries, lifestyle programming and endless list shows (which are all cheap to make and appeal to the lowest common denominator) then you don’t have much room for anything else. “

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