T.V. Weeks in Review: Catching Up

Studio b

Here’s To The Winners
Week 33 and we’re almost back in the land of normality after our break but it’s now time to fill in those much-missed Show of the Week awards.  The last gong was figuratively handed out in Week 28 when Cape Wrath won but I still have all the 6 remaining episodes of that one left to watch… can anyone tell me if it will be worth it?  So, moving on, in Week 29 I think that the nod will have to go to a timeshifted, one-off drama that had been begging to be watched for weeks before The Other Viewer and I finally got round to it.  It was starring and penned by the prodigous Mark Gatiss with the fairly incredible story of polar exploration with the extremely honest title The Worst Journey in the World.  Week 30 was dominated by packing suitcases, finishing all my work and making final holiday checks but there was time for a bit of TV and the previously mentioned Top Gear: Polar Special wins out.  No awards at all to be handed out for Week 31 and Week 32 because I genuinely didn’t watch a thing.  That just leaves us for the Week 33 gong, which goes to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that, even though I know will only last one season, I know I will miss when it has gone.

  • Sun 19th: Studio 60 OTSS “The West Coast Delay”; My Name Is Earl “Born a Gamblin Man”
  • Sat 18th: Football Portsmouth 3 v 1 Bolton;
  • Fri 17th: My Name Is Earl “Mailbox” and “Robbed a Stoner Blind”
  • Thu 16th: movie “Failure to Launch”
  • Wed 15th: True Dare Kiss “Episode 4” and “Episode 5”, movie “A Few Good Men”
  • Tue 14th Aug: Jeckyl “Episode 4”, “Episode 5” and “Episode 6”
  • Mon 13th Aug: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip “The Pilot”, “The Cold Open” and “The Focus Group”
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