Sibling Rivalry

Brothers b

Show Me The Money

The Other Viewer and I have about 4 episodes to catch up on this one so excuse me if I’m a little behind the times in my analysis but, over on C4/E4, the much-hyped, Brothers and Sisters provides a glossy, American drama/comedy tale (are we allowed to use the term “dramedy”?) of a rather large LA family. The cast is pretty enormous and one of the big challenges proves to be trying to remember all of the character’s names but despite this, or may be thanks to it, the folk that appear on-screen make the most of their time by producing a fairly compelling chemistry.    Sally Field heads the family as the recently widowed matriarch with the eponymous brothers and sisters being her charaters-by-numbers children.  Callista Flockhart is the central sibling and probably the most interesting with her Republican views at odds with almost all the rest of the family and this political element, while seeming to serve only as a way of giving her an intesting romantic dilemma, is actually a relief from the fairly tedious family business part.

The business in question, I think, is orange juice… I am only glad it wasn’t another oil business retread, but still manages to make all the machinations within the organisation seem a llittle mundane.  Sure, we have the recently deceased father who (a) had a mistress, and (b) has raided the pension funds to the tune of millions and hidden the nefarious proceeds (two facts that may or may not be related) but, it still just comes down to rich people discussing where even more of their riches have gone and it’s sometimes a little hard to care.  A number of family members nepotistically fill high ranking positions in the organisation and have trouble separating work from life, leading to more turmoil.  It sure is tough being unfeasably wealthy while living in a mansion in LA.

Elsewhere, the gay one, the drink problem one, the working mum one, and the suave one all go through their respective, intertwining stories but manage to stop every now and again for those typically American TV-inspired, big family meals where nobody actually eats anything and it always ends in someone storming off.  On the plus side, if you can view it as such, it does have that kind of Dallas-y feel except with high production values reasonable writing and a good cast but I do wonder whether now is the time for such a tale.  I’m gonna stick with it for now but the prospect of binge watching these next 4 episodes over the weekend may yet break me.

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