T.V Week In Review: Week 28, 2007

Cape Wrath b

Cape of Some Hope

I was struggling to arrive at a Show Of The Week (TM) for a while back there. Throughout week 28 I had been idly channel hopping and keeping up with the backlog on the Sky planner (Andrew Marr’s history of the Thatcher years was a bit of an eye opener… I really should have kept a closer eye on current affairs back then) but all the surfing was without any great sense of direction. The downside was that I was once more drawn into Big Brother where “fake week” was in full swing with a fake housemate and a fake eviction that proved quite interesting, if you like that sort of thing. I even managed to get to the cinema to see Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix to get into the swing before the final book comes out on Friday night. Back on the telly, we also had a look at the much talked about “Dirt” featuring Courtney Cox, which was a terrible dissappointment, a cast of unpleasant characters driving round LA being generally unpleasant. Ugly Betty showed how to produce a show about life on a magazine and Entourage was a more compelling slice of Hollywood but Dirt managed to fall between two stalls. Courtney’s old colleague from Friends, Matthew Perry, is soon to debut on More4 with the magnificent Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, which promises far greater. However, the highlight of the week for me was the rather creepy Cape Wrath (known much more sensibly as Meadowlands across the Pond where it’s already a smash). David Morrisey can do no wrong in my book, other than Basic Instinct 2, which I shouldn’t judge because I haven’t seen it.

  • Sun 15th Jul: Cape Wrath “Episode 1”; House “Fetal Position”; Big Brother
  • Sat 14th Jul: Dirt “Episode 1” (Glossy but no depth… might give this one a miss); movie Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix (First time to the cinema in ages: dark and moody… great film)
  • Fri 13th Jul: Andrew Marr’s History of Britain “Episode 4”; My Name Is Earl “Van Hickey”; Big Brother; 8 Out Of 10 Cats
  • Thu 12th Jul: No TV
  • Wed 11th Jul: No TV
  • Tue 10th Jul: Heroes “Landslide”; Big Brother; Friends “The One With Rachel’s Assistant” (I honestly had never seen this episode before)
  • Mon 9th Jul: Jeckyl “Episode 3”; Andrew Marr’s History of Britain “Episode 3”; The New Adventures of Old Christine “Episode 1” and “Episode 2”
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