On The Recent Hiatus


Should Have Watched This Ages Ago 

Well, I’ve been a little slack at updating this site of late… I think it’s down to a combination of work (which is unusually busy) and the longer days of our glorious (ahem!) British summer that has resulted in less PC-time at home.  So much so that I haven’t even reviewed the final episode of Doctor Who yet, shame on me (or may be that’s shame on them for introducing Dobby The House Elf into Who folklore).  Also, sitting in my ever-growing inbox of “Reviews Pending” I have Jeckyl, Talk To Me, Longford, Live Earth and Diana Memorial concerts, Brothers and Sisters, True Dare Kiss, a whole of Heroes installments, My Name Is Earl, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and The Thick Of It.  If I’m being honest I don’t think that I’m going to be able to catch up on anywhere close to that lot, although I could challenge myself to craft a little catch-up retrospective series as I’ve done before.   I know that you’re dying to know who got the nod for Show of The Week while I’ve been away.  Well, week 26 the award went to Longford.  Despite getting its original airing months ago, it had been set on the Sky+ planner for an age (such is life in the days of the PVR), but when the Other Viewer and I finally got to watch it, it proved to be bloomin’ excellent and worthy of the praise and awards heaped upon it.  In week 27, the gong went to new US import Brothers and Sisters, which has been engaging as much for trying to remember all the character names as it has for its snappy dialogue and overly beautiful, Hollywoodness.  Consider normal service resumed… well, at least until my summer holiday 🙂

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