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A three-parter in new Doctor Who is unheard of, although the older fans among us may remember the occasional 6 x 25-minute stories of old that equate to much the same duration. The result is that “The Sound of Drums” sits a little uncomfortably between the opening shocks of “Utopia” and the almost inevitable thrills and spills of the finale this evening in “The Last Of The Time Lords”.  So, for an episode with neither a begining nor an end it is a little unusual but it still manages thrills a plenty.

When I found out that the Master was to return, I had in mind’s eye, the image a moustache-twirling, sinister figure with a penchant for evil laughs and wearing black but he was nowhere to be seen.  Instead we got to see John Simm, besuited and camping it up with the best of them for his portrayal of the Doctor’s nemesis as a truly insane megalomaniac.  He reminded me of a Batman baddie, although not in a bad way, and in these cynical, twenty-first century times it was almost refreshing to see such over the top villainy.

Russell T delivered another script of witty dialogue, memorable action scenes and great pace that was crammed so full of storyline that you were left breathless after its 45-minute of adventure.  Despite that, there were still opportunities for some in-jokes (jelly babies, teletubbies), some moments of quietness (a flashback to Gallifrey) and even a song (“Here come the drums!”).  Nevertheless the pervading feeling is one of anticipation.  The Doctor aged beyond recognition, Martha teleported back to Earth and alone and Jack, immortal but seemingly without a way out.  All this while the Master seems to have total control over the planet and, just to prove his point, he has just sentanced six million to execution by the mysterious Toclafane.

    • Ian
    • July 4th, 2007

    Oh yeah, and if John Simm is going to play the Master in the style of Simon Pegg they may as well have just cast Simon Pegg!!

    • Ian
    • July 3rd, 2007

    I thought this final episode was a bit of a let down. The sfx of the older doctor just weren’t good enough and pulled me out of the the spell of the previous two episodes. I thought the restoration of the doctor was as cheesey as cheddar and the only thing that saved it for me was the revelation of captain Jack being the face of Bo!

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