Someone To Watch Over Me

BB8 b (2)

Seven Days and Seven Nights

So, here we are a week into the show and I have already watched far more Big Brother than I vowed I would. The story (for want of a better word) so far is that what started out as an all-girl cast about whom my first impressions remain fairly unchanged, soon became not quite so “all-girl” as they were joined by sacrificial lamb/ stud/ lone voice of reason (delete as applicable) who has been thrust into the testosterone-free environs of the house to “mix it up” as I’m sure one of the production team would’ve said. The result has been far from riveting but there have been signs that the anticipated bitchiness is about to begin.  With nominations announced today (and look away now if you don’t want to know that it’s Shabnam and Emily… ooops!) and the gameplay proper about to begin as well, things are certainly looking up.

Highlights for me include…

  1. Finding out that being a “WAG” is not necessarily a disparaging term but, in fact, an aspirational career direction, at least if you believe Chanelle.
  2. Chanelle also features in my second highlight when she complained to BB that people putting their feet on the table could lead to genital herpes.
  3. When the domestica tasks were being divvied up, Leslie volunteered, “I’ll be in charge of post-modern irony.  Well, somebody should be”.  Blank faces were all the replies she needed.
  4. My final highlight is simply listening to Laura being ironic because none of the other housemates seem to understand the concept of sarcasm and just react to her with one of those lopsided, patronising smiles that seems to say, “Poor thing. I’m sure she means well”.

May be the British public will surprise me and vote for someone with more than half a brain to win this time.

    • fazzinchi
    • June 7th, 2007

    I thought it might begin to kick off but didn’t imagine that someone would be kicked out of the house already…. and for using a “racially offensive word” too. Courting controversy or avoiding it in the light of Shilpa Shetty debacle earlier in the year? You decide.

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