T.V. Week In Review: Week 22, 2007

DW3 Human Nature a

Don’t Mess With The Family

Too much work, too little TV and have meant that regular viewing has been disrupted during Week 22. So much so, that the Sky+ planner has moved from 70% free to something closer to 20%. Despite that, there was still time for a couple of highlights though. Firstly, the conclusion to the Human Nature/ Family of Blood two-part Doctor Who story… probably the best Doctor Who story in the world; and secondly, the return of Big Brother for an eighth and, initially, all-female series. I’ve already posted reviews of both and I’m left with no option but to gladly award Doctor Who with its second “Show of the Week” gong. That gives me opportunity for a spot of navel-gazing. Despite previous reports to the contrary, a recount has shown that my New Year’s Resolution (for 20+ posts a month) is still on track: Jan = 42, Feb = 26, Mar = 28, Apr = 20, May = 21. However, comments are still few and far between unless you count spam (which now stands at 4,284): praise be to Askimet, the spam filter.

  • Sun 3rd Jun: The Apprentice “Week 10” (7.5/10); Big Brother On The Couch (8/10)
  • Sat 2nd Jun: Doctor Who “Family of Blood” (9.5/10); Doctor Who Confidential “Bad Blood” (7/10)
  • Fri 1st Jun: No TV
  • Thu 31st May: Can you believe the only thing I watched was Big Brother
  • Wed 30th May: Big Brother 8: Live Launch Show (Sad, I know… .6.5/10)
  • Tue 29th May: Heroes “Unexpected” (8/10)
  • Mon 28th May: Gavin And Stacey “Ep 4” (8.5/10); movie The Black Dahlia (8/10)
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