George Orwell Stirs In His Grave

BB8 b


Well, here it is. Big Brother The Eighth has hit our screens, not with a bang but a whimper. Immediately before the live launch show a solemn voice read out the statement from Ofcom to tell us what a right pig’s ear that Channel 4 made of the Shilpa v Jade racism row in the celeb version earlier this year. However, as soon as over-enthusiastic host, Davina McCall, was up on stage outside the house in front of a couple of hundred, wailing rent-a-crowd employees it was like nothing had changed. Production values were in desperate need of, well, any kind of value at all. Davina’s traditional tour of the house was made with the assistance of a budget camcorder despite the fact that completely adequate TV cameras were operating inside. The house itself was even more surreal than usual, designed, no doubt, to irritate the housemates but instead will probably only irritate viewers instead (although I loved the diary room chair!). Then, when the first housemates were due in, a jobsworth in fluorescent orange jacket, clearly awaiting instructions, tried to prevent the car carrying Sam and Amanda (more on them later!) from making the twenty yard drive to the waiting red-carpet. When he jumped in front of the car the second time, to stop its progress, we were almost treated to BB’s first road traffic accident.
And so, dear reader, to the 11 new inmates in this most public of asylums. So, here’s the rundown and my comments based on judging books by their covers….

  • Sam & Amanda – (Samanda?) These are identical twins and clearly ripe for some “clever” tricks later on. Could be planted by BB. I’m not sure whether you vote for them seperately or as a pair, although it would be fun to watch them split up. Might be okay once they’ve calmed down a bit.
  • Lesley – integration will be the key to her success, if she doesn’t find common ground she won’t last long.
  • Charley – hugely boo’ed upon her needs to escape nominations quickly
  • Tracey – new earther with a manly voice. Like Lesley, needs to integrate to survive. I like her though.
  • Chanelle – anyone who aspires to be Victoria Beckham in life needs careful counselling… but I mustn’t judge her on her promo video alone. Oh, go on then, I will.
  • Shabnam – Calm down dear, it’s only a commercial.
  • Emily – Hope she does well, she reminded me of that former housemate who ran round mowing the lawn naked (I make a point of trying to erase my memories of housemates as soon as Davina says “I’m coming to get you”).
  • Laura – great reception from the mob outside. Down to earth and fun, so could go far.
  • Nicky – Pretty straight laced and level headed and may get overlooked for a week or so.
  • Carole – A political activist has never been a big draw before on BB but may be, given the state of the nation, it could be her year. Far and away the greatest reaction from the gathered masses outside.

My big question is whether I’m going to stick with the show. The all-female twist may blow-up in C4’s faces or the house may settle into a big love-in, either way it’ll be worth sticking with. Either way, 14 weeks of watching people sleep, cook, chat and occassionally do something interest beckons. What is the world coming to?

  1. June 6th, 2007

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