Through The Looking Glass

Lost3 Finale a

Wierdy, Beardy Goings On

“Through The Looking Glass” brought to an end the third series of Lost and we know that there are just three years left to run… half way through. In fact, that’s a bit of a fib because each of the next three series will consist of only 16 episodes each, so in effect we’re 69 episodes down with 48 to go and well over half way to finding out all the secrets of the Island and its inhabitants. I won’t even attempt to summarise where we are at the moment in terms of the storyline as there is simply way too much going on (a quick visit to the Lostpedia online resource will soon turn into a long visit when you start to dig deeper).

This episode was a double length special and the extra duration was certainly a necessary amendment with so much material crammed in. On the beach the ambush of The Others went awry when Jin failed to blow up the final stack of dynamite but rescue came in the unlikely trio of Juliet, Sawyer and Hurley. The remaining group trekked up to the radio tower only to be intercepted by Ben and Alex, who ultimately failed to stop Jack and the rest of the Flight 815 survivors from contacting Naomi’s colleagues out at sea. In the Looking Glass underwater station Desmond’s premonition came true as Charlie finally died. Just when we’d almost forgotten about poor John Locke, we get to see his suicide interrupted by an apparition from the past. God, I love this show. However, the best bit of all was this week’s “flashback “that featured Jack struggling through a drink and drug problem and attending the funeral of an unknown acquaintance, it wasn’t until the end that it was revealed it was a “flashforward” instead. Genius.

I have to say that there was a bit of a mid-season lull when a few episodes really did feel like treading water but the final 7 or 8 instalments more than made up for this. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for shorter series in the future. The wait until February 2008 will be a tortuous one but The Other Viewer and I hope to pass the time by watching all 69 episodes already out there and seeing if we can pick up on some of the clues that we’ve missed along the way. You might see some developments on that marathon round these parts soon.

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