T.V. Week in Review: Week 20

Gavin Stacey c

Smithster and Gavster

Week 20, and I must confess that it is proving quite a challenge to keep my viewing diary up-to-date. You may have noticed, faithful reader, that I am not here every day to update the lists of the shows that I’ve been watching. It is a fact that I shall attempt to rectify since it’s not like I’m ever away from a computer but it’s a fact nonetheless. So, when it comes to trying to recall the programmes that I have been watching over the last four or five days I find myself recollectionally challenged (Did I just make up a brand new word?). However, the aforementioned “week 20” has brought some good things to my attention, least amongst them the FA Cup Final that was a dreary affair, the less said about which the better. More encouragingly was the start of summer as the home test series between England and the West Indies got underway with the to-be-expected comprehensive quality of Sky’s coverage. I also managed to watch Perfect Night In that I had recorded from the previous Sunday. It was essentially a talking-head, list type show with which we are all too familiar but was raised a level by the relaxed and slightly left-field chat between hosts Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. However, the Show of the Week has to be the previously reviewed Gavin and Stacey that has lit up the schedules here at Fazzinchi Towers.

  • Sun 20th May: Cricket on Five (4th day of the Test… 7.5/10); House “Son Of Coma Guy” (6.5/10); Lost “Greatest Hits” (9/10)
  • Sat 19th May: Football FA Cup Final (3.5/10)
  • Fri 18th May: Have I Got News For You (8/10); Ruddy Hell It’s Harry and Paul (7/10); Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (7/10)
  • Thu 17th May: Cricket Eng v Win 1st Test; The Apprentice “Week 8” (8/10); Gavin And Stacey “Ep 1” (9/10) and “Ep 2” (8.5/10)
  • Wed 16th May: Desperate Housewives “Into The Woods” (7/10)
  • Tue 15th May: Heroes “Distractions” (7.5/10); Prison Break “Wash” (7/10): Football Derby vs Southampton
  • Mon 14th May: movie “Just Like Heaven” (6/10); Frost and Pegg’s Perfect Night In (7/10)
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