There Must Be Some Way Out Of Here

BSG3 d

Who’s Snarling Now?

Hot on the heels of the news that Lost is to run for just three more, 16-episode series, I now hear on the grapevine that the fourth series of Battlestar Galactica is to be the last. While my initial reaction was one of abject dispondancy, I have now had time to reflect about this and can feel compelled to conclude that this is probably “a good thing”™. “Heresy!”, I hear you cry! Well, not quite. Having seen the series finale of three last week I can only feel even more encouraged that the threads of the story will be wrapped up in a deservingly amazing send-off. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m about to launch into a spoiler fest so don’t say you haven’t been warned.

The trial of Baltar provided a backdrop to the two-parts of “Crossroads” and it was the unlikely figure of Lee “Apollo” Adama who became central to proceedings as he joined the defence team with its lawyer, the wonderfully monikered Romo Lampkin.  It was a slightly odd trial set in an imposing and typically bleak courtroom where the process of law seemed to be more of an emotional journey than it was an objective assessment of facts.  It was a nice touch to get Apollo on the stand (with a noteworthy and strong performance from Jamie Bamber) but it was little surprise that his diatribe resulted in the “Not guilty” verdict.  Following the trial, Baltar is whisked away by three people taking him to a “new life”.
After a few Cylon-free episodes, it was a welcome return to the fray for them and, if it wasn’t for the information bar on the EPG of my Sky planner, I would have had no idea that four of the final five Cylons were to be revealed.  It was an unusual decision to use a pretty creepy version of “All Along The Watchtower” as device to distract the attentions of four of Galactica’s crew: Chief Tyrol, Colonel Tigh, Starbuck’s wife Anders and Roslin’s aide, Tory.  Eventually, the four of them converged in a quiet part of the ship and realisation dawned as to exactly what they were.  Tigh’s simple speech, to say that the only thing that they actually knew to do were to be officers of the fleet, was beautifully delivered and sets up plenty of intrigue for series four.

Similarly, Starbuck’s untimely demise a few episodes early turned out to be somewhat exagerated as she returned in her viper to fly alongside Apollo and advised him that she had been to Earth and was back to take the fleet there.  So, what is promised now for the fourth series?  The trip to Earth.  The reveal of the final Cylon (Starbuck, Baltar or Roslin are front-runners).  The conclusion of Baltar’s journey.  The fate of the Fleet.  The explaination of the four, newly-revealed Cylons.  I just hope that they can fit it all in.

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