T.V. Week In Review: Week 19

BSG3 c

Guilty or Not Guilty

There was only one programme worthy of winning the highly sought Show of the Week award this time around.  The two-part series finale of Battletstar Galactica was a scorcher.  The conclusion of Gaius Baltar’s trial was handled brilliantly and a slightly unusual use of “All Along The Watchtower” led to the revealing of four of the five final Cylons.  However, Even that couldn’t prepare you for the conclusion.  A full, spoiler laden review will follow.  Elsewhere, Saturday night was notable for having no Doctor Who but the fact that the Other Viewer and I had a weekend away meant that everything worked out beautufully and also goes some way to explain my three TV-less days.  On our return on Sunday night we were treated to another installment in the descent of 24 but another crackerjack episode from Lost where answers to the questions seem to coming thick and fast.  The Apprentice also served up another treat as the remaining hopefuls (and it does seem as if they are operating on hope alone) turned their hand to negotiating and buying techniques.  It struck me as being a little distasteful and unrealistic as they teams descended upon unsuspecting retailers with a BBC camera crew in tow and demanded that they sell their goods at dramatically lower prices.  Imagine if we all behaved that way: a trip into town would take hours, shop rage would escalate beyond all recognition and retailers would go out of business left, right and centre.  Having said that it was still laugh out loud funny and worthy of the licence fee alone.

  • Sun 13th May: Totally Doctor Who “Ep 6” (5.5/10); HIGNFY (7/10); 24 “1:00am to 2:00am” (5.5/10); Lost “The Man Behind The Certain” (9/10)
  • Sat 12th May: No TV
  • Fri 11th May: No TV
  • Thu 10th May: No TV
  • Wed 9th May: Heroes “The Fix” (8/10); The Apprentice “Week 7” (8/10)
  • Tue 8th May: Battlestar Galactica “Crossroads: Part 2” (9.5/10); Prison Break “Chicago” (7/10)
  • Mon 7th May: Bones “The Killer In The Concrete” (6.5/10); Desperate Housewives “Gossip” (7/10); Battlestar Galactica “Crossroads: Part 1” (8.5/10); Lost “The Brig” (9/10)
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