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DWC Phil Collinson

Talking About My Regeneration

One of those added pleasures on a Saturday night (or more usually a Sunday morning) after watching the latest episode of a certain BBC sci-fi show is the fact we get another 40 minutes or so of chat about the programme over on BBC3’s Doctor Who Confidential. The first time I recall having seen on these “shows about other shows” was way back when the BBC used to broadcast a studio-based chat show after every episode of 24 (although for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called, anyone remember??). Soon enough the concept was hijacked by the “talent” shows as an enticement to sign up to their new digital channels. At this point they seem to serve the purpose of replaying all the acts and then finding various unrelated people to talk about what happened: perhaps they think that the viewers are incapable of talking among themselves … says he, typing about it on his blog that barely anyone reads.

Anyway, DWC (much easier to type) is what amounts to a pretty well constructed DVD-style, behind-the-scenes featurette that, each week, will take a certain aspects of the main story and explore the themes a little deeper. This week was a great example as we saw quite a bit about the production team’s trip to New York and their investigations into the period setting. This week, writer, Helen Raynor, had centre stage and we got hear a good deal about what she was trying to accomplish with her story. Add to this lots of snippets of info and plentiful anecdotes as the various cast and crew members talk about their experiences. It kind of inspires me to go and watch the episode again… which is praise enough, I guess.

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