The Good Ship Galactica

BSG3 b

Taking A Break From All Your Worries

Okay, we need to catch up a little here. March 13th was the last time that featured a review of Battlestar Galactica, at which time I was talking about “The Passage”, so it’s high time we put that right. The Other Viewer and I have managed to watch five further installments over the last few weeks in an endeavour to get up to speed with the tale. I have found that the pace has started to drop off and in its stead has come a build up in the inner mythology of the show. However, rather than the predictable descent into introspection and self-importance that might have been anticipated we have been treated to some really challenging and thought provoking television.

“The Eye of Jupiter” was the name of the first episode but it was at the center of the storyline for the first few episodes of our catch-up. A temple built by the 13th tribe was found on the algae planet and both the humans and the Cylons wanted to uncover its secrets. Inevitable confrontation followed that provided a tense stand-off and an entertaining battle and more of the secrets of the Cylons were hinted at, not least the fact that the final five models of Cylon (who look like humans) were revealed to D’Anna but not to us (in “Rapture”), so I guess that we will just have to be patient before finding out who they are. It also allowed for Baltar to be captured back by the Fleet so that his purported treachery can be dealt with. If “Taking a Break from All Your Worries” was anything to go by, I get the feeling that his trial will prove to be the focal point of the end of this third series. In case the title didn’t give you the clue, the episode also featured the introduction of a bar on Galactica that could be a realistic outlet for the stressed-out crew, I hope it’s not over-used though.

Two of the lesser characters, Hero and Tyrol were the focus of the final two episodes that we’ve watched, “The Woman King” and “A Day In The Life”, which were both good, if a little standard, sci-fi fodder. Both actors were given the chance to stretch themsleves a little and it’s all to the benefit of the show as it allows us to relate on a much deeper level to all the people impacted by this depiction of mankind’s struggle. So here we are, another five episodes and series three will be at a close. I am expecting the tension and the pace to begin to ramp up now with the trial of Baltar and the revelation of more of the Cylon plan and I still think that, despite the unmittigating bleakness of the piece, this series is one of the best and most rewarding TV series of the last ten years. 20 more episodes in series four and (alledgedly) a 2-hour TV movie have been commissioned as well as the inevitable spin-off show “Caprica”, so there’s plenty more goodness to come.

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