Friday Night With….


Staying In Is The New Going Out

It’s been a quiet few days here at Fazzinchi Towers, so apologies for the lack of updates.  I have about five posts that I’ve started but have yet to finish, plus the tenth and final installment of the Series One Retrospective for “Bad Wolf/Parting Of The Ways” and, inevitably, the review of “Daleks In Manhatten” that will be shown tonight.  Plenty in the pipeline then.  Meanwhile, The Other Viewer and I had one of those lazy Friday nights on the sofa yesterday and there was a fair amount to keep us entertained.  We started off by watching the with the latest episode of the magnificent Heroes off the Sky planner.   The episode, “Six Months Ago” featured a Lost-style flashback story that I will talk about further in a forthcoming post.  Then, and in a break from the norm, we switched to live TV to see what was on.

We started off with the ever enjoyable, Have I Got News For You, now, amazingly, in its 16th year and 33rd series.  Still persisting with the weekly, guest presenter style ever since Angus Deaton’s departure has been so succesfull it’s hard to remember it any other way.  Sticking with BBC1 we stayed in position to try out the second installment of Ruddy Hell!… and the forumla still seems to work in its “hit” (the posh scaffolders, Bono and The Edge, the title sequence) and “miss” (Jamie and Oliver, Nelson Mandela, and the surgeons) style.  Well, I laughed out loud at least three times so they must be doing something right.

Flicking over to BBC2, I caught an episode of QI that I appear to have missed first time round focussing on “death” as the word of the week.  Stephen Fry reading out the Pizza Express menu would be entertaining TV for me as everything he touches turns to gold.  Back to BBC1 and it was a short wait until Friday Night With Jonathan Ross where the guests of the week were a slightly surreal collection of guests: Patsy Kensit, Alan Carr (who I still can’t bear) and Gilbert and George.  Ross’s cheekiness falls into that marmite category of love him or hate him, fortunately I’m in the former camp.  Last up was the Culture Show special on the Montreal band Arcade Fire.  I had heard a bit about them beforehand and read some good reviews of their latest album, so was intrigued to see what they were like…. and I can safely say that they were “not bad”.  The show left me still debating whether or not to buy the album but it was a pleasant enough was to end the working week.

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