T.V. Week in Review, Week 14

Apprentice b

I know she’s not in the new series, but she was genius in the Comic Relief special

April is upon us, Spring has sprung and the weather looks distinctly better outside.  Somehow this has led to a certain lack on television watching lately.  The Other Viewer and I are currently being mocked by our Sky+ Planner which has five episodes of Desperate Housewives and four of Battlestar Galactica on the first page.  We will get around to them soon and an appropriate monster sized catch up post soon.  A week’s vacation this week might be just what the Doctor ordered.  In the week just gone we have managed a few shows though, including my first ever experience of Bones, which I only watched because Stephen Fry was in it.  It wasn’t too bad but was a little too formulaic and derivative of a million other shows of a similar ilk (good word “ilk”, criminally underused in Scrabble).  More splendid episodes of Lost (Locke and Juliet swap sides!), Doctor Who (with Shakespeare), Heroes (if it was just an hour of Hiro, I could still happily tune in) and Life on Mars (only one episode to go) and a surprisingly re-invigorated Totally Doctor Who that I will talk more about soon, I promise.  However, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the Show of the Week for this time around is The Apprentice.  One of the best reality shows around full of people you love to hate getting their comeuppance.   Compelling.

  • Sun 8th Apr: Lost “Left Behind” (8/10)
  • Sat 7th Apr: Doctor Who “The Shakespeare Code” (8/10); Doctor Who Confidential “Stage Fright” (7/10); Heroes “Seven Minutes To Midnight” (7.5/10); Cricket World Cup (the end of the Bangladesh v South Africa)
  • Fri 6th Apr: No TV
  • Thu 5th Apr: Bones “” (7/10); House “Informed Consent” (8/10); Shark “Dr Feelbad” (7/10)
  • Wed 4th Apr: Prison Break “Disconnect” (6.5/10);
  • Tue 3rd Apr: The Apprentice (first episode… 9/10); Life on Mars “Episode 7” (8.5/10)
  • Mon 2nd Apr: Totally Doctor Who (6.5/10); Gadget Show
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