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Leaving Ladies

Primeval drew to an end a few weeks ago and it took the Other Viewer and I a while to get around to watching it. The delay was not because the show was bad (it wasn’t really) but we weren’t really excited enough about finding out how things would pan out.  In the end, the final half of the season was pretty solid, although there was a touch of monsters-by-numbers about it, moving as it did through “big, scary ones”, “insect ones”, “swimming ones”, “cute but dangerous ones”, “flying ones” and finally “even scarier ones from the future”.  Still, I thought the ongoing revelations about Helen Cutter created an ongoing narrative that was quite engaging and the deleoping relationships between the various team members was given just about enough weight to it (other than the man from the ministry, played by Ben Miller, who was fairly one-dimensional).

The final episode also left us with a very Star Trek-esque cliffhanger when the perils of travelling back and forth in time resulted in a paradox (of sorts) when one of the team’s very existence was wiped from the memories of the others, with the exception of Douglas Henshall‘s character who freaked out at the problem, which set up the second series opener nicely.  The problem will inevitably be that the resolution is rather rushed and unsatisfying or played out over a longer time that will alienate the more casual viewers who just want to see more dinosaurs.  I am, of course, assuming that a second series is commissioned: I hope it is because there is bags of potential in the format.

  1. Fret not – a second series has been commissioned.

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