Unfinished Passage

BSG3 e

I Really Liked This Screencap (… just thought I’d share that!)

I caught up with the latest two episodes of Battlestar Galactica last night, well, the latest two shown in the UK (with appropriate apologies to the dishless masses) and it was a surprisingly mixed bag on offer.  We began with “Unfinished Business” that was an episode based around a boxing tournament on the Galactica that included Lost-style flashbacks to a time on New Caprica before the Cylons found the colony.  However, boxing doesn’t really do it for me and I found the whole process a little tedious.  It served to develop a few relationships though, with the first half concentrating on Admiral Adama and President Roslin (who got closer than we’d thought during that time) and we also discovered how Adama felt that he had regretted getting soft over time.  The second part was a bigger revelation that shed some light on Starbuck’s recent troubles, informing us that is was her (un)requited relationship with Lee Adama may have been at the core of the turmoil.  While the boxing scenes were well realised and it really did feel like they were getting punched, I couldn’t helping thinking to myself “so what?”

Next up was “The Passage” which explored the development of one of the more minor characters, Viper pilot, Kat, who had been addicted to stims recently.  It started amid a huge deluge of technobabble that attempted to explain to us why the pilots had to risk life, limb and masses of radiation poisoning to get everyone to a planet full of algae but, to be honest, it all seemed overly complicated and unnecessary.  The ending (literally) for Kat and the poignancy of her scenes with Starbuck and Adama also seemed to be ladled on a little too thick.  Much more interesting was Baltar’s developing relationship with Number Three aboard the Cylon baseship and the fact we are starting to see his further betrayal of humanity that was familiar to those of us who remember the original.  As I said a mixed bag.

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