T.V. Week In Review, Week 10

Lost3 7b

Lost and Found

My experiences of the last seven days have been dominated by sport and Doctor Who. The latter in aid of the retrospective series of blog posts looking back at the 2005 series and in anticipation of the forthcoming third series. The former has been a veritable deluge of soccer, helped in no small part by the fact that my team’s last three matches have all been shown live and seen an accumulation of 19 goals, which is no bad return. The sporting theme is set to continue as the Cricket World Cup gets underway tomorrow and I’m sure to try and wrestle the remote away from the Other Viewer and sit back and enjoy a few games. I have been forced to add an amendment to my self-imposed set of rules for the Show Of The Week award: I will make sure that there is a new winner every week in the year. This works two-fold, firstly, it ensures that I will 52 different shows to talk about in the review of the year and, secondly, it will avoid having to give Doctor Who thirteen, consecutive awards 🙂 . Anyway, the reason for the revision is that I would have given the nod to Heroes (despite the actions of the SciFi Channel), but as they only won the award a few weeks ago anyway, I’ve decided to plump for Lost, following the great installment last night “Enter 77”. It was actually a close run thing between Lost and Cold Blood II, but I just couldn’t get the phrase “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to die horribly in a cruel and unusual fashion” out of my head… in case you’re worried, this was an advert-break joke based on Matthew Kelly’s portrayal of a serial killer rather than a line from the script.

  • Sun 11th Mar: 24 “4:00pm to 5:00pm” (6.5/10); Lost “Enter 77” (8.5/10)
  • Sat 10th Mar: Harry Hill’s TV Burp (never watched before, quite funny); Cold Blood II (with Matthew Kelly as a serial killer… 7/10)
  • Fri 9th Mar: Doctor Who “Aliens Of London” (6/10)
  • Thu 8th Mar: (more) Football UEFA Cup, Braga vs Tottenham.. 2-3
  • Wed 7th Mar: Football channel hopped between Champs League 2nd round ties
  • Tue 6th Mar: Doctor Who “The Unquiet Dead” (8/10); Lewis “Expiation” (6.5/10); Heroes “Collision” (9/10); Football Liverpool v Barca, Champions’ League 2nd round (0-1, 2-2 agg. Liverpool through)
  • Mon 5th Mar: Doctor Who “The End Of The World” (8/10); The Gadget Show (5/10); Reichenbach Falls BBC4 play (7.5/10)
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