Going For Broke

Prison Break2 a

And Another One Bites The Dust

I have to confess that it was something of a shock to see Tweener so brutally killed by Agent Mahone in the latest installment of Prison Break. The guy seemed to be unlucky in the extreme… he stole a baseball card collection but when it turned out to be a hugely valuable one, he was convicted of grand larceny and sent to Fox River. On his escape he met up with Debra and seemed to be genuinely attracted to her, only for that to fall apart when the police got too close. It was one of those interesting little side stories that adds a lot to the interesting feel of Prison Break.  The fugitives are now down to just six with “Linc” off on his own to find his son, Haywire trying to build a raft to sail to Holland (!) and Michael trying to keep the remaining three in some kind of order now Westmoreland’s money has been found.

The other part of the storyline that keeps on bubbling along is the big conspiracy involving the new president that leads all the way back to Lincoln Burrows’ original conviction.  Some of the threads of that seem to be coming apart at the moment that leads me to think that some kind of truth is surely to be revealed to the public at large, but in another big shock (for me, at least) was the suicide/murder* (* = delete as applicable) of Govenor Tancredi.  I still wonder quite how they’ll manage to get away with a storyline that could extend into a third season without losing what’s left of it’s credibility but I used to say the same thing about 24, so what do I know?

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