Two Months

In the two months of 2007 I have been making efforts to keep on top of this little ‘ole website and I thought it might be worthwhile to partake of a quick spot of naval gazing by looking back at the New Year’s Resolutions that I made and see what progress is being made.

  1. First up was better quality of writing. Here, I have not been as successful as hoped because I have been remiss on my contributions to the correspondance course I should have been working on. More focus needed… and a touch of spell-checking and proof-reading wouldn’t go amiss either.
  2. Then I committed to more content. Well, this is the 25th post of February in addition to the 42 (!) in January and that’s already more than the period of August to December 2006 put together. For a one-man site, I think that’s not too shabby.
  3. An increase in traffic. The number of people subscribed to the RSS feed (see sidebar) has doubled but I’m not sure an increase of “1” to “2” really counts as success. However, we are starting to get a few more comments so thank you to all who contribute. Anyone with some tips about increasing traffic would be warmly welcome.
  4. Keep a good looking website. I’m fairly happy with it at the moment…. it’s colourful and consistent while being pretty functional. It is not, perhaps, to everyone’s taste but is distinctive and I’d appreciate feedback to hear how it works in your browser (and for general aesthetical commentary).
  5. Themed posts and more diverse content. The “12 Days Of Christmas Telly” worked quite well, along with a retrospective of some older shows that I had initially foregone reviewing. I mentioned earlier this week about the thoughts of branching out and I’m still pondering that one, although I may begin a countdown to series three of the new Doctor Who with a series of retrospective reviews (now confirmed to be 31st March… so mark your diaries).
  6. In the comments of the Resolutions post and in the “Blog On The Side” I said I would be adding more features…. new pages, social bookmarking, easier RSS feeds, an About Me section, a tag cloud and so on. Most of these have been implemented but if there’s other you’d like, do let me know.
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