T.V. Week In Review: 2007, Week 8

Heroes 1 c

Holding Out For a Hero

A trip to the cinema (“Hot Fuzz”) for the first time in about the space of a year for the Other Viewer and I this week, along with sitting down to watch a sci-fi movie classic (“Fifth Element) made me once again consider expanding the remit of Fazzinchi.co.uk to include an occasional series of reviews of non-TV related entertainment such as movies, books, and very occasional theatre trips.  Still debating the concept at the moment though.  Back on the box, it was another entertaining week that started with an interesting documentary: “Hypochondria: I Told You I Was Ill” had a Spike Milligan-inspired title but was far from funny in terms of content. It was a moving story of four people who lived with an ailment that has not been greatly investigated in a high profile way and, as good documentaries should, it was genuine eye-opener.  While British drama was decidedly off-form with Hotel Babylon, there were consistently good turns from Life On Mars and Waking The Dead (although I have yet to watch Lewis or Recovery).  The raft of American imports continued their high standards with Battlestar Galactica, 24 and Prison Break all putting in solid performances, although Lost was a little under par following the high of last week.  However, it is the new show Heroes, for its clever conclusion to episode 2 and understated style that gets the nod for Show Of The Week.

  • Sun 25th Feb: Football Arsenal v Chelsea, Carling Cup Final (nutty match… ended 1-2); Primeval “Episode 3” (6.5/10), Top Gear (7/10); 24 “2:00pm to 3:00pm” (tbc); Lost “Stranger In A Strange Land” (tbc)
  • Sat 24th Feb: Hotel Babylon series 2, episode 2 (3.5/10); Poker Face (Ant’n’ Dec quiz show… surprisingly alright); Battlestar Galactica “Hero” (8/10); Prison Break “Map 1213” (7.5/10) and “Subdivision” (7/10)
  • Fri 23rd Feb: Doctor Who Confidential “Cybermen” (8/10); Life On Mars “Episode 3” (8/10); Ugly Betty “Four Thanksgivings And A Funeral” (6.5/10)
  • Thu 22nd Feb: No TV
  • Wed 21st Feb: Heroes “Don’t Look Back” (8.5/10); Waking The Dead “Yahrzeit: Part 1” (7.5/10) and “Yahrzeit: Part 2” (8.5/10); Movie (at cinema) “Hot Fuzz” (8/10)
  • Tue 20th Feb: Football Lille v ManUtd (2nd Half, 1st knockout stage, 1st leg, Champion’s League)
  • Mon 19th Feb: Movie “The Fifth Element”; Inside Story “Hypochondria: I Told You I Was Ill” (7/10); Heroes “Genesis” (7/10)
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