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President Roslin Faces Up To The Challenges

Now that the crew of Galactica are leading the fleet back on their quest for Earth, the series seems to be settling into something of a routine.  There have been three episodes shown on SkyOne since the last report from Fazzinchi Towers and they’ve all been pretty great.  In “Torn”, we see former rivals Tigh and Starbuck continue their bitter backlash against anyone in their vague vicinity, which finally leads to a confrontation with Adama who gives each of the pair an ultimatum that essentially boils down to “Buck your ideas up or ship out”.  Kara Thrace appears to take the advice to heart, while Saul shuffles off to quarters to continue his drunken binge.  The most intriguing aspects in the episode come in the form of revelations about the Cylons… there is a “Cylon hybrid” at the heart of each Baseship, there is a virus that could potentially wipe them out, and there are five other “skin-jobs” whose existence and whereabouts is mysteriously “never talked about”.

“A Measure Of Salvation” follows straight on from the previous episode and further explores Baltar’s uneasy relationship with his Cylon captors as they themselves face up to the consequences of the existence of the virus.  As Number Three tortures him for information, he “projects” with Number Six who tries to help him cope with the pain by… taking his mind off it.  Meanwhile Adama and Roslin’s plan to effect genocide on the Cylons by means of the virus is thwarted by Helo, who cannot come to terms with the excess of the action, given that he is married to Sharon, a Cylon herself who is now known as Athena rather than Boomer because she is a different version to the original.  (You can see where casual viewers may get a little confused!).

Finally, in “Hero” we see Roslin plan to give Admiral Adama an award for his 45 years of service to the Fleet.  However, an unexpected visitor from Adama’s past turns up in the form of “Bulldog” Novacek who is discovered fleeing the Cylons in one of their own ships.  It was reminiscent of a Babylon 5 storyline where the origins of the Minbari war were revealed to be somewhat different from expected but in this case the ending of the forty year armistace between Humans and Cylons may not have been completely at the whim of the Cylons.  It’s great that we are begining to explore some of Adama’s backstory to try and determine what makes him the man we see before us.  All in all these stories show that there is plenty more potential to be realised as the 41,421 survivors flee the Cylons and we wait to discover just what exactly is this “plan”of theirs.

    • Emma
    • February 28th, 2007

    I agree. Great episodes.

    Can’t wait for next week’s instalment.

  1. I’ve loved the last few episodes. There’s less space battle drama, but plenty of human drama onboard Galactica. Love it, love it, love it!

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