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Primeval is continuing apace on Saturday nights and it continues to be a bit of a mixed bag.  I’ve just watched last night’s “Episode 3” (Oddly, they don’t seem to do episode titles, although a Friends-like approach of “The One With The Mososaur” might suffice).   Following the hocum of “The One With The Giant Creepy-Crawlys” last week, I was quite enthused by the underwater antics this time out and the Walking With Dinosaurs special effects continue to be a very high standard.Promisingly too, the storyline about Cutter’s wife, Helen, also seems to be moving along very nicely.  There’s always a problem with time-travel stories when you start to think about them too hard, however, no-one seems to have pointed out that Helen, who’s been missing for eight years on the other side of the anomoly (the worst special effect in the show), keeps appearing from anomlies that originate in completely different time zones.  She even turned up this week with a flask of coffee.  I’m sure there’s going to be an explanation offered up but I find it surprising that no-one’s asked.

The acting is a mixed bag too, with the usually adequate Ben Miller turning in a bit of a stale performance, Douglas Henshall barely registering any emotion at all and Hannah Spearitt being incredibly watchable.  Ms Spearitt’s acting skills have that surprising quality that you feel when someone you don’t expect to be any good at all turns out to be a bit of a show stealer, a.k.a. The Piper Effect.  Of course, showing her dancing around her appartment in her underwear helps as well and if she wanted to stand still on screen and read her favourite sections of the phone book, I’d probably tune in for a while anyway.

Interestingly, for a show that’s been touted as a Doctor Who beater, it’s success may actually help the good Doctor because, if rumours are to be believed, the final episode of Primeval is on at 7pm the week before Series Three of Doctor Who begins with “Smith and Jones”.

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