T.V. Week In Review: 2007, Week 7

Lost3 7a
Where For Art Thou? 

I vowed (to myself) that there would never be a tie for Fazzinchi’s prestigeous Show-Of-The-Week award.  A vow that I am so tempted to break right about now.  Vying for top spot is clearly Life on Mars, which returned to our screens after what has seemed like an eternity and it has thankfully lost none of its charm.  Lots of other good stuff has abounded for those of us who like our drama without the soap suds, so much so that the new series of Lewis had to go unrecorded and unwatched thanks to scheduling overload and I’m sure the Other Viewer and I will sit down soon and gaze upon the always exciting conclusion to another series of Waking The Dead, which concludes tonight.  Lots of other US imports continue apace and it’s one of those shows from over there that’s doing rather well over here that is neck-and-neck with the Sam and Gene show for top spot…. Lost.  It is with a mixture of relief and delight that the UK, thanks to Murdoch’s millions, now shows Lost a mere 3 or 4 days after the US premiere, meaning we British fans can safely scour the Lost internet sites without fear of being spoiled.  However, Sunday night’s installment did little for Anglo American relations as the London in portrayed in Desmond’s, inner flashback was so much of a “cor blimey, Mary Poppins” style than it should have been and detracted from an otherwise marvellous episode.  And for this reason, the perfectly formed Life On Mars gets the nod…. I knew you couldn’t wait to find out.

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