Escape From Alcatraz

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Lost returned to our screens last weekend as the replacement for the second half of the 24 double-headers that have been enthralling us on SkyOne, which has now resulted in unmissable TV on Sunday nights for the next 18 weeks or so.  Conflicts with Lewis on ITV and Waking The Dead on BBC1 are starting to make me feel that the next Sky box that is released really needs 3 or 4 tuners inside it rather than just two.  On screen, we were back on the little island, nicknamed “Alcatraz”, and seeing whether Jack’s plan to put Ben’s life in jeapardy could save Kate (although, to be honest Jack didn’t seem overly worried about Sawyer’s fate).  It turned out that “Not In Portand” was a Juliet-centred episode, with her being the focus of the obligatory flashback.  If I recall correctly, this was the the first time we’ve seen one of the Others in a flashback and it turns out that Juliet may not be on the island 100% with her own wishes.  The mysterious company, Mittelos BioScienece, recruited Juliet using fairly nefarious means and the always intriguing Lostpedia site confirms that it is no conincidence that “Mittelos” is an anagram of “Lost Time”.

Meanwhile, on the island, she ended up taking an unexpected role in the escape plan and seemed pretty thankful when she thinks she may have been offered a route home following Ben’s distinctly odd regaining of consciousness during his spinal surgery. The net result of all this is (as ever) open to speculation and my current favourite theory is that Jack is going to slowly become one of the Others and replace Juliet on their team.  It may not have been the greatest ever episode of the show, but it works on so many different levels and gets the audience thinking about it so much, that even the poorer episodes make for marvellous viewing.

    • fazzinchi
    • February 26th, 2007

    Hi Tinsie – yours is certainly becoming a more popular opinion, that’s for sure. Apparently it is so widespread that is has sparked producers into thinking quite carefully about how and when the show is going to end. Hopefully that’ll focus them on the plotlines.

  1. Recent episodes of LOST have had the opposite effect on me. I’m so thoroughly confused by the storylines, I’ve stopped thinking about it entirely. I wonder how long it’s going to be before I stop watching…

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