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Given what happened the last time they broadcast the Brits live (and you can no doubt search for yourself on YouTube for the gory lowlights of Mick Fleetwood, Sam Fox et al) someone clearly made a brave decision to take the event back to being a real-time event and showing it at a pre-watershed of 8pm on Wednesday.  However, given the exception of a few near-the-knuckle comments from Russell Brand, it was all fairly docile.  Russell was his usual self and, although I thought he was a little nervous at the start I think he held the thing together admirably.  This household is currently split down the middle on the subject of “Russell Brand: Genius or Imbecile?”, I am in the former camp but the Other Viewer is in the latter due to issues over his hair.  Issues seemingly shared by Steve Tyler who came on stage to present an award and told Russell, “Your hair, man… that’s just wrong”.  A case of pot and kettle debating colours if ever there was one.

Other notable award givers included proud dad, Keith Allen, who seemed to be trumped by Amy Winehouse on the evening; Joss Stone, who seemed to have grown about a foot taller since I last saw her (an unusual side-effect of which was a new mid-Atlantic accent); and Alan Carr who I generally can’t stand but this time he amused me by giving each member of Take That a full kiss on the lips.  The recipients of the gongs were all fairly predictable, but I do not profess to be any kind of a music buff so I won’t give them all my appraisal here, other than to say that Oasis were unfeasably great and the Arctic Monkeys stole the show without even being there.
The one disapponitment I had was the fact that there were no unusual duets on stage or unusual cover versions, this has been a highlight for me over recent shows and they were notable by their absence.  The aforementioned Steve Tyler came to present an award with Sophie Ellis-Bextor… now wouldn’t it have been something for them to perform together?  Rather than being a celebration of the music, this meant the whole thing seemed to be drifting towards just another opportunity to plug some songs, like an overly long Top Of The Pops.  To wit, Take That performing Patience in the middle of the text voting for Song Of The Year for which it was nominated.  That’s hardly fair and impartial now is it?

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