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Collaboration Is Bad

They’re all back on Galactica with the remnants of the fleet in tow, fleeing the cylons and struggling to survive. So, have the producers reset the clock on Battlestar Galactica? Far from it. The backlash from the occupation of New Caprica has begun in the episode “Collaborators”, during which President Tom Zareck appointed a vigilante group known as The Circle to act as judge, jury and executioner of the humans who had worked with the Cylons during the months on the planet.

The plot was a little too predictable with Lt Gaeta’s double agent activities being revealed with no great surprise to audience, but it was the characters that remained fascinating as Aaron Douglas’s portrayal of the troubled Chief Tyrol continues to impress and his reaction to Gaeta’s predicament had a real emotional core. Elsewhere, Starbuck is struggling to fit back into the lifestyle and her self-destructiveness looks set to continue, Roslin has taken back the presidency, Colonel Tigh gets even more bitter and angry and at the same time, Lee Adama is going on a diet (OK, so not every character is being explored to their full potential). Baltar, now finds himself on the inside of the Cylon fleet as they try to decide what to do with him. He seems lost and scared but it is a nice throwback to my memories of the original series when that was where Baltar always should have been located.

  1. I love Galactica this season. It’s very dark, not very sci-fi, and extremely thought provoking. What else can you ask for?

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