T.V. Week In Review: 2007, Week 6

Housewives3 b

More Desperate Than Usual

Well, England winning the Commonwealth Bank Cricket tournament after having odds way outside of “100-1 against” just two weeks ago was probably the most surprising thing I’ve seen on TV in ages and it was certainly a highlight of the week for me.  In typical England supporter mode, I now find myself being ridiculously optimistic about the forthcoming World Cup and, if they win that, I may even grant them my prestigious “Show-Of-The-Week” award… but not this time.  I have also been sorely tempted to grant it to Top Gear for their “US Special” where the three stooges went to the States to see if buying a car would be cheaper and more fun than renting.  It was.  It also managed to pull off another heart wrenching moment as they drove into New Orleans to witness the devastation still evident one year after Hurricane Katrina.  However, Charlie Brooker, Prison Break, 24 and even the return of Lost (there’ll be better episodes than “Not In Portland”) cannot prevent the award going to Desperate Housewives for the episode “Bang” in which there is a hostage situation in the grocery store, and a couple of deaths.  Came out of left-field to surprise and delight me and a real return to form for the women of Wisteria Lane.  Here’s the week in full…

  • Sun 11th Feb: Cricket (England v Australia, 2nd Final… ENGLAND WIN!); Primeval “Episode 1” (5/10); Lost Survival Guide (7/10); Top Gear “US Special” (7/10); 24 “12:00pm to 1:00pm” (8.5/10)
  • Sat 10th Feb: Commander In Chief “Unfinished Business” (7/10); Dead Clever (ITV Drama);
  • Fri 9th Feb: Coming To You Screen: Microsoft Vista (5/10); Prison Break “First Down” (8/10); Desperate Housewives “Children and Art” (8/10);
  • Thu 8th Feb: Desperate Housewives “Sweetheart I Have To Confess” (5.5/10) and “Bang” (9/10); Prison Break “Otis” (6/10) and “Scan” (7/10);
  • Wed 7th Feb: Battlestar Galactica “Collaborators” (9/10)
  • Tue 6th Feb: Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe (7/10)
  • Mon 5th Feb: Waking The Dead “Double Bind: Part 1” (8/10) and “Double Bind: Part 2” (7/10)
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